One platform, one truth:

One platform for all of your apps implies just one version of the truth. With automatic audit trails, paperwork, and associated interactions, compliance and audits are simple.

Best practice data security:

Within data centres that have earned the highest industry-accepted certifications for data security, privacy protections, and operational dependability, our data and apps are safeguarded.

End the endless approval process:

Do not allow staff to be held back or approval procedures to be ignored. Guidelines are made obvious, employees are content, and compliance is automatic thanks to a single approval engine. Obtain an automatic audit trail and history of approvals. And configure everything using point-and-click interfaces.

Chat. Cooperate. Collaborate:

Get social and break down the walls between departments. Chatter is an instant news feed for teams to share info, ask questions, update each other, and quicken response times. Perform actions without ever leaving your business feed.

The mobility of everything:

Access to information instantly, whether you're at work, home, or on the go. You can access all of your company's data using the Salesforce1 mobile app, take action on it, and interact with clients and coworkers. Use a single app to access data from CRM, ERP, and custom apps.

Personalized dashboards and trend analyses for everyone:

You can get standard reports, customised reports, and ad-hoc enquiries with CRM, ERP, and your custom app data all in one location. Trend analysis and customised dashboards are now available to everyone. Additionally, create and amend reports using "Clicks not code."

The power to combine, design, and refine:

Move customized app data into your cloud database using the Salesforce platform, then use it in your CRM and ERP apps for more in-depth reporting and analytics. Get a complete 360-degree perspective of your customers and staff by connecting custom data.

Personalized, simplified, modern UX:

Give your teams access to the Salesforce Lightning Experience's speed, adaptability, and familiarity. With the use of our cutting-edge UX, you can increase output, streamline processes, and create and distribute apps more quickly.