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Improve your fixed asset management with TechoERP.

Asset Management Software

TechoERP offers a comprehensive asset management software solution that enables businesses to track and manage their assets throughout their lifecycle. With TechoERP's asset software, businesses can easily monitor their asset inventory, track maintenance and repair schedules, and manage depreciation and disposal.

Asset Tracking

Assets Tracking

TechoERP's asset software enables businesses to track their assets with ease. The software allows businesses to record important information about each asset, such as its purchase date, location, and value. This information can be used to track asset depreciation and ensure that assets are being used efficiently.


Asset maintenance is carried out either through a specific EAM application or as a module included into enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. With TechoERP's asset software, businesses can schedule maintenance and repair tasks for their assets.
Assets Report

Assets Reports

In the given date range, this report displays the Purchase Amount, Depreciated Amount, and Cumulative Total Depreciation for all Assets. Additionally, it displays the Asset's current value and depreciation status.Based on asset category, this report displays the price of buying, selling, and scrapping every asset.
Assets Depreciation

Assets Depreciation

Multiple depreciation schedules are created for various finance books. To calculate an asset's depreciation and add entries to the asset record's depreciation table, you must click the "Calculate Depreciation" checkbox when creating the asset.
Disposal Management

Disposal Management

When an asset reaches the end of its useful life, TechoERP's asset software makes it easy for businesses to dispose of it properly. The software tracks disposal information, such as the date of disposal and the method used, to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

TechoERP's asset software provides businesses with powerful reporting and analytics tools. This enables businesses to generate reports on asset value, depreciation, maintenance costs, and more, providing valuable insights into their asset management practices.